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DirAction Partners with Payoneer to Facilitates Businesses in Financial Transactions

DirAction, a skill-enhancement and training investment company partners with Payoneer. This Partnership will facilitate individuals, and businesses in the digital commerce landscape to conduct financial transactions.

Payments has been one of the major impediments faced by the e-commerce industry. Payoneer cooperation with DirAction will fill the existing gaps in the e-commerce and freelance industries.

“The e-commerce industry of Pakistan has risen from ground-up despite facing challenges at institutional level in terms of payments. However, to strengthen and flourish it, the leaders of the industry need to step up. DirAction has been taking great initiatives to turn this industry into an entire ecosystem. And that makes me and my entire team at Payoneer very excited to partner with DirAction,” said Mr. Mohsin Muzaffar (Country Manager, Payoneer).

DirAction Pvt. Ltd. (a part of Infinite ScaleUp – the holding company) is working diligently towards making Pakistan one of the strongest economies of the world through the provision of skills education to its youth and women. In a short span of one year, the company has become the fastest growing chain of skills training centres in the country with more than 130 centres across Pakistan enrolling 10,000+ youngsters.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work towards creating awareness around the need for skill education and existing policies pertaining to international payments. To build a community to address the current challenges by bringing together the leaders of the e-commerce industry, traditional business sector and the government on one platform.



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