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E-Processing Systems Gets Approval To Commence Pilot Operations as an EMI

E- Processing System got authorization to initiate pilot operations as an Electronic money institute.
EMI services will be founded beneath the ‘OneZapp’ brand with this pilot authorization. The purpose behind this was, to viaduct the gap between digital finical services and the informal economy by allowing short and micro merchants with multiple sought-after use cases. So that in Pakistan they can benefit the mass unbanked clients.
More inventive elements will be featured by OneZapp and it will keep on moving forward to continue the more use cases. In the experimental stage, OneZapp will be working on limited dimensions, expanding access to only a few thousand customers. Firstly, selecting individuals and retailers.
In the country, payments will be accepted by vendors and dealers, straight from other digital wallets or customers. Numerous digital financial services will be functioning such as mobile top-ups, and utility bill payments.
Furthermore, to serve the smaller tech-savvy people and the unbanked groups to terminate their support on physical cash. The app will be serving the same services to everyone from the mobile phone.
E-Processing Systems is a subordinate of Systems Limited. It is backed by supporters around the world including Sarmayacar and Shorooq Partners, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group),
In Pakistan, other than the latest boost in fintech activities. About 16% of the population have bank accounts, and the grown-up has limited access to proper finical services. OneZap is providing a platform across the country with the purpose of solving, as it grows its merchant’s network.
The forthcoming product plan of OneZapp is to innovate, grow and facilitate. With an ambition to eventually attain the retail stage, OneZapp will further be working on strengthening the app with many more use cases. The use cases include Government payments, debit cards, donations, liquidity solutions, educational payments, and many more.
We anticipate that as OneZapp moves onwards, due to its innovative abilities and appropriate use cases. In Pakistan, OneZapp will be playing a more prominent role in enhancing financial incorporations.
OneZapp is a platform which is providing with the most convenient and potent online payment methods. OneZapp swabs the unbanked and tech-savvy people segments.



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