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Ecostar Launches New Automatic Washing Machines

EcoStar introduces a brand-new and outstanding line of washing machines, including fully automated, twin tub, spinner, and washer models that provide you with efficient cleaning results. The Deluxe and Crown series fully automatic washing machines come in 9.5 KG and 12 KG capacity, respectively, and each has a 10+1-year warranty for motors and parts. The new washing machines can be operated through a single-touch solution thanks to the addition of a digital touch display, enabling you to relax while it takes care of cleaning automatically.


The new washing machine line is made for durability. All products of Ecostar’s crown and deluxe series are designed with stainless steel that gives a sleek look. The inner tub also elevates the minimalist design and looks good during use. Here are some of the highlighting features of the new washing machines.

Magic Drum Technology 

With the help of Magic Drum Technology, EcoStar automated washing keeps garments safe and in excellent condition even after several washes by treating them gently and minimizing wear and tear.

Multiple Pre-Installed Programs 

You have more control over your wash cycles and unparalleled ease because of its pre-installed washing routines. All you must do is fill the machine with unclean clothing and select the best program for your requirements from a variety of options.

Fuzzy Logic Feature 

The new fuzzy logic feature in the latest washing machines from Ecostar enables it to make intelligent decisions automatically like deciding the optimal time and the program to wash clothes. It determines the weight of clothes to make the right decisions.

Power Failure Memory 

In Pakistan, many households experience hefty load-shedding that causes appliances to stop working. Other washing machines also restart from the starting point when power is restored. To solve this problem, Ecostar has designed its new machines to resume the exact same cycle where it stopped to maintain electricity costs and washing efficiency.

Hand Wash Technology 

Some fabrics are prone to hard machine washes, Ecostar has included a hand wash technology to keep clothes as new as possible.


To get a brand-new washing machine for your next wash, head over to Ecostar’s official Ecostar or visit the nearest store.



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