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Fasset, PM Youth Program and JazzCash cooperate to upskill Youth on Digital Assets

Fasset partners with the Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP) to educate 1 million young people on blockchain-based technologies, Web3, and crypto. This partnership will work with JazzCash on the Skills for Future Agency agenda to provide the public with the education they need.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Raafi Hossain, CEO Fasset, said, “Pakistan is amongst the top 3 Web3 adopting nations in the world. In addition to that, Pakistan is home to some of the world`s best and brightest developers, researchers and scientists when it comes to tokenization, digital assets, and blockchain technology.”

“In tandem with PMYP, Fasset hopes to build awareness and educate the next generation of web3 adopters on safe, responsible and innovative development and adoption of the future of this game-changing space. We believe that with the right building blocks the talented youth of Pakistan can unlock $100bn of potential economic growth,” he added.

JazzCash is proud to be the financial enabler for any transactions required to be carried out for upcoming phases of the program. We are keenly interested in forging alliances with like-minded organizations to further our mission of a financially-included Pakistan,” he added. The Central Asian Nation’s Vision 2025 aims to promote digitalization in the country for a young population of 63% between the ages of 15 and 33. PMYP is the leading program for youth skills development.

The Youth Skills Development Agenda addresses her two key areas: Skills for the Future and Skills for All.

The two organizations will work together to create a curriculum that will provide training on blockchain and Web3. The curriculum also includes the technical skills young people need to pursue careers in this field.



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