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HBL & J.P. Morgan Collaborate for Secure Cross-Border Payments to Pakistan

HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, has formalized a strategic agreement with J.P. Morgan Payments to facilitate secure and cost-effective cross-border payments through J.P. Morgan’s Xpedite Remit platform. This collaboration further extends their existing relationship, aimed at enhancing remittance services in Pakistan.

Faisal N. Lalani, Head International Banking at HBL, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We take great pride in our collaboration with J.P. Morgan Payments. J.P. Morgan’s Xpedite Remit solution will empower individuals worldwide to send remittances to Pakistan securely and affordably. Remittances can be seamlessly directed to HBL and other bank accounts or withdrawn as Cash Over Counter from any of our extensive network of 1750+ branches across Pakistan.”

Amin Khowaja, Chief Executive Officer for Pakistan at J.P. Morgan, also commented on this pivotal collaboration, saying, “With today’s signing, J.P. Morgan eagerly embarks on a strategic alliance with HBL. Pakistan stands as one of the largest remittance recipient corridors, and together, we are committed to streamlining the remittance process.”



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