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Hikvision Launches First Service Center in Pakistan

In a significant milestone for the video security industry, Hikvision has officially inaugurated its very first service center in Pakistan, the Return Merchandise Authorization center (RMA Center). This new facility, located in Umer Plaza, Rawalpindi, marks a remarkable leap in Hikvision’s commitment to delivering top-tier after-sales support to its growing customer base.

Hikvision’s journey in Pakistan began in 2016, introducing advanced solutions to the video security realm and expanding its product portfolio to include access control systems, video-based doorbells, smart home products, and other cutting-edge innovations. The launch of the RMA Center represents the next phase of Hikvision’s evolution, driven by its mission to enhance technical support services, streamline after-sales problem-solving, and advance both service and product quality. The primary goal is to empower customers to overcome software and hardware challenges, ensuring the seamless functionality of their products.

Klaus Liu, General Country Manager, Hikvision Pakistan, expressed his excitement at the launch ceremony, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Hikvision’s first-ever RMA Center in Pakistan, a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing world-class after-sales support to our valued customers. This initiative aligns with our core values of prioritizing customer satisfaction, technical excellence, and continuous improvement. This service center will bolster our ability to swiftly address and resolve technical concerns, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. We look forward to enhancing our service footprint further and enriching customer interactions across the country.”

Hikvision’s RMA Center is staffed with skilled engineers who excel in efficiently repairing and troubleshooting products. They provide expert technical assistance to resolve any issues customers encounter during product usage. Moreover, the RMA Center offers rapid and efficient maintenance services, fostering direct communication between customers and the service center. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for third-party involvement, significantly reducing wait times and swiftly addressing equipment-related concerns.

Customers visiting the RMA Center can avail themselves of a range of services, including free product exchanges within the specified warranty scope, product technical support, resolution of after-sales problems, maintenance and inspection of products, and firmware upgrades.

Looking ahead, Hikvision plans to expand its RMA network in Pakistan, introducing more self-operated RMA points and customer-authorized RMA points in various cities. This expansion aims to provide broader coverage and even higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Hikvision’s dedication to enhancing after-sales support in Pakistan through the RMA Center underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering world-class service and technical excellence. With this facility in place, customers can expect seamless experiences and prompt solutions to any product-related issues, reinforcing Hikvision’s position as a leader in the video security industry.



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