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Honda Introduces a 0% Markup Installment Plan

Honda CD 70 makes dreams come true for those people who dream of owning a bike by introducing a 0% Markup Installment Plan. Atlas Honda collaborated with Daraz to introduce a period-long installment program without markup for its bikes. Moreover, the largest motorcycle creator wants to boost the growing demand for its bikes.

According to the advertisement, the deal is exclusively available to cardholders of MCB, Standard Chartered, Bank Alfalah, UBL, and Faysal Bank. Additionally, the offer is only accessible on Daraz. Now, customers can purchase a Honda motorcycle at full price and pay it off in a single year.

Honda CD 70 Installment Plans

Honda will start providing a 0% Markup Installment Plan in 2023. Here we discuss new Honda bike prices and installment plans.

Bike price 149,900 Rupees
3 Months Installments 49,966 Rupees
6 Months Installments 24983 Rupees

Credit card holder’s installment plans in 2023

For anyone trying to make their daily commute easier, a motorcycle can be a game-changer. In Pakistan, users frequently choose the Honda 70 bike because of its dependability and price.

Banks Installment Plans in 2023

  • Bank Alfalah Installment plans
  • UBL installment plans
  • Faysal Bank installment plans
  • Silk Bank installment plans
  • MCB bank installment plans

Bank Alfalah Installment Plans

  • If you want to purchase a Honda CD 70 on credit with no markup, Bank Alfalah has a fantastic choice with a 12-month payment plan through Alfa Mall.
  • You won’t be charged extra to take advantage of the ease of owning a Honda CD 70 motorcycle.
  • 3 months to 3-year installment plans
  • Affordable and convenient monthly payment

UBL Installment Plans

  • Installation schedules range from three to six years
  • Up to three months with no markup
  • All around Pakistan, delivery is free to the closest dealership

Faysal Bank Installment Plans

  • With a 9-month installment plan from Faysal Bank and no markup, you can get a Honda Bike CD70cc
  • Simply fulfill their eligibility requirements, pay a down payment, and take advantage of monthly installments spread out over 9 months
  • The bike will officially become yours once you have finished the plan
  • Friendly budget bike

Silk Bank Installment Plans

  • For owners of Gold and Platinum credit cards only
  • 3 to 36-month installment plans are offered
  • Free delivery is available globally to the nearest location
  • 0% markup installment

MCB Installment Plans

  • 3 Months to 3 years installment plans are offered
  • 0% markup for a maximum of six months
  • applicable in all Pakistani cities
  • In Pakistan, free delivery can be obtained at the nearby station

You may get this well-liked motorcycle with simple and inexpensive monthly payments in Pakistan if you use the Honda Bikes 2023 payment plan. With the aid of this program, clients can now purchase a high-quality Honda motorcycle without breaking the bank. For people who want to purchase a desired bike at an affordable price, the payment schedule is made to offer practical financing solutions.



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