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i2i ventures launch a portfolio of startup

i2i Ventures is a venture capital company focusing on emerging Pakistani startups that have launched various opportunities in the company’s portfolio; all featured on a job board. The initial cheque size of the VC firm ranges from $250k to $500k.

The company team works with a lot of startups directly, playing a role in their evolution and ecosystem growth. The company has a vast understanding of early-stage startups and their needs in the market. The investor supports the entrepreneurs in solving all the problems across different industries in Pakistan. It helps portfolio companies to hire and optimize their talented pool.

The GP at I2I ventures and Co-founder Kalsoom Lakhani announced this Job board using the LinkedIn platform. She posted,Time for my periodic post to share that our i2i Ventures portfolio companies are hiring! (one of the ways we help our port cos.) You can see all open jobs via our Getro job board. 

The job board features all the new listings from i2i venture portfolio companies. It will provide complete guidance for applicants. Some prominent firms backed by i2i ventures are CreditBook, Oraan, Abhi, and SafePay.

Using insights, hiring & talent optimization, bench & network, team performance, and fundraising strategy from its sister company named Invest2Innovate, i2i ventures aims to support the companies in its portfolio in all the mentioned aspects. Many data sources claim that the company has already made 17 investments in total after its launch in Pakistan.

During a panel discussion, Misbah Naqvi, co-founder of i2i Ventures, stataed, i2i Ventures will avoid investing in cash-burn startups.” 

At the inaugural of Happy Hour powered by Orbit Startups that was held in Karachi, she said 

“We are sector agnostic and always look for disruptive opportunities early on. To me, it’s more about founder-market fit as the leadership navigates the startup out of the chaos in the early stages of building. Startups should focus more on retaining current users than increasing the burn on acquiring new users consistently.”




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