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Lucky Cement New Telecom Partner Zong 4G

Zong 4G has partnered Lucky Cement to meet all of the latter’s communication needs.

Through this partnership, Zong 4G will be providing tailored enterprise solutions to Lucky Cement which would enhance its corporate voice and data needs.

The contract was signed to confirm the new partnership between the management of both companies. The collaboration will address connectivity and communications needs, which will enhance the operationality of the business.

Commenting on the partnership, the spokesperson of Zong 4G said, “As part of our mission to bring innovative digital technologies and solutions to the corporates we have, today, on-boarded Lucky Cement.”

“Through our strategic partnerships, together we can turn the challenge of digital transformation into an opportunity for all businesses. Our partnership with Lucky Cement is a testament to providing them with solutions to move forward and adapt new ways of communication,” they added.



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