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Meta Launches #LoveLocalPakistan Campaign

Meta has launched the #LoveLocalPakistan video series, a heartfelt initiative aimed at celebrating the dynamic community of local small and medium businesses thriving in Pakistan.

Teaming up with renowned content creator Ali Gul Pir and one of Pakistan’s leading digital news platforms, Meta aims to share the inspiring stories of local businesses utilizing social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to initiate and expand their ventures. The video series is set to unfold throughout January, offering entrepreneurs a platform to showcase how digital tools can turn ideas into reality and foster the growth of online communities.

Jordi Fornies, Meta’s Director of Emerging Markets for the Asia Pacific region, expressed, “Small business owners are resilient people, and despite their many challenges, they are always finding creative ways to thrive. We are bringing our #LoveLocal campaign to Pakistan because we want to celebrate local entrepreneurs and encourage people to show their love by giving a shout-out to their favorite businesses on Facebook and Instagram.”

The #LoveLocalPakistan campaign will spotlight the stories of unique local businesses such as Hala Kashigar, Colish Fragrance, Groovy Attire, and Mana’s Cookies.

  • Hala Kashigar: Renowned for locally sourced handcrafted tiles, Hala Kashigar offers distinctive design placements for home decor, showcasing rural Sindh’s unique artistry.
  • Colish Fragrance: Drawing inspiration from Pakistan’s vibrant gardens, Colish Fragrance celebrates self-expression through the language of fragrance.
  • GROOVY: Embracing sustainable fashion, GROOVY curates collections that introduce fresh designs in streetwear.
  • Mana’s Cookie Co.: Crafting homemade delights, Mana’s Cookie Co. uses wholesome ingredients, offering a delightful variety of flavors.

Embark on a thrilling journey with Ali Gul Pir’s debut podcast as part of this groundbreaking campaign! Catch the inaugural episode here. Don’t miss out on the excitement – tune in every Thursday for subsequent podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Get ready for a month filled with engaging content and compelling conversations as Meta celebrates and uplifts the incredible stories of resilient local entrepreneurs in Pakistan through the #LoveLocalPakistan campaign.



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