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Neem boosts Pakistani’s lending landscape by receiving NBFC license

Neem, the embedded finance platform, received Non-banking Financing Company (NBPC) license from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Neem is Founded by experienced fintech entrepreneurs, operators, and ex-VCs.

In Pakistan, it is allowing financial wellness for those who don’t have bank accounts. This is another way of reaching the business goals. Neem uses  a license to offer embedded lending solutions created for relevant industry segments, which also include MSMEs.

Financial wellness to facilitate the underserved communities is the key fundamental principle of Neem’s vision in lending. By partnership with the expert players of  lending infrastructure Neem can provide market-customized offerings. The co-founder of Neem ‘Naeem Zamindar’ says that “our major focus is on the MSME sector, airtime lending, and smartphone financing as principal use cases.” 

Most customer segments and industries suffer, lacking access to meaningful working capital delivered on a real-time basis. Neem focuses on the major section, which is to identify the MSME underserved sector. Neem, with its Kunnda develop unique product offerings.  In Africa, kunnda holdings are the credit analytics company and second-largest liquidity service provider. 

By becoming partners, Karyana stores in Pakistan will get financial support from Neem. it is merged with the distribution partners include Digikhata, OneLoad and Udhaar Book 

Kunnda and Neem are togetherly working on the needs of the underbanked in Pakistan. The CEO of Kunnda ‘Jala ul Haq’ stated “Today, Neem’s NBFC license, together with Kuunda’s scoring and loan management platform, is providing tailored growth financing products for retailers, micro-merchants, and agents across the country.”

An innovative approach was built by the combination of specialized technology infrastructure and embedded lending. In Pakistan and over the world emerging markets, the capabilities of innovative approaches were to address the needs of underbanked communities. Neem is growing embedded lending products among smartphones financing and airtime lending space, other than MSME section. 

Embedded lending model of this company is describing the components including data insights, community focused products and dynamic.

Market approaches, such as finance and B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) were embedded by Neem. Their aim was to shift from the point of service to the point of experience.  Serving consumers  and  MSMEs, investigating where and as they need the lending products. 

This company builds and provides one of the 3rd core embedded finance products platform of lending. Underbanked communities will be reached out through  specialized lending, embedded finance marketplace and payment infrastructure.  



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