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NETSOL Profits raised to 352% in 2021-22

NETSOL, on Tuesday, announced a Mammoth Profit in the Year 2021-22 of 352%.

NETSOL pursues at imparting modern answers to the worldwide asset finance and leasing industry.

The company’s other earnings jumped by 598% to Rs 1.07 Billion in opposition to Rs154mn in FY21.

As a result, the company’s income after taxation clocked in at Rs872mn in contrast to Rs193mn in FY21, translating into income in line with the percentage of Rs9.73 against Rs2.15 in FY21.

The company’s topline jumped by 25.02% to Rs6.18billion against Rs4.95bn in FY21 supported through the alternate price depreciation because the company’s sales are predominantly dollar-based.




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