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ORECTO – The First E-Commerce Marketplace in Pakistan that Lets You Bargain

ORECTO is the first e-commerce marketplace in the country that lets users bargain on the listed products. Muhammad Kamran Yousaf, a 26 years old talented individual from Lahore, launched the platform. He grasped the idea of the startup after experiencing the major problems of Pakistan’s e-commerce industry.


More than 60% of the population of Pakistan comes from middle-class families. They do not have the privileges to afford items at full price. To carter the issue, ORECTO introduces its bargaining facility. The users can offer their own prices when buying the product of their wish.


ORECTO offers innovative solutions for problems during online product trading.

It enables customers great way to sell and purchase goods, improving the overall experience and efficient environment.


Just like other renowned online e-commerce platforms, the ORECTO Online Shopping platform delivers all the necessary products and items. In the live bargaining marketplace, people can debate over the product’s price listings. Moreover, the buyer and seller can decide the nature of the transaction, enabling a much better experience. ORECTO aims to offer services for B2B (Business to business), B2C (Business to Customer), and C2C (Customer to Customer) solutions.


The global marketplace suite of products empowers merchants to simplify their online businesses. The e-community will also get a chance to grow exponentially and at their own choices of products and prices. ORECTO offers the customers to open the box when it arrives so that buyers can have full fledge experience. They also offer sellers a convenient method allowing free product picking from the store. The platform’s goal is to not only promote its services but also to improve the interaction between the sellers and the buyers making, improving the audience convenience. 


M Kamran Yousaf, Founder, and CEO of Orecto Said, “Many people are having difficulty finding high-quality products at low prices. some of the products they like but it’s difficult to buy due to a little bit of difference in their budget so bargaining is so much important in Pakistan. So we introduce this solution to buy and sell their product as their will. We want to facilitate people as per their demand.”



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