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Realme 12 Pro+ to Feature Periscope Camera

In a recent announcement on X, Realme India has sent shockwaves through the smartphone industry by confirming the inclusion of a periscope zoom camera in their upcoming Realme 12 Pro+. The revelation comes with a bold statement, “It’s time for #Periscope,” accompanied by the intriguing twist of crossing out the previously hyped “200MP.”

Realme Periscope Zoom Camera

The accompanying teaser page delves into the potential advantages of incorporating a genuine periscope lens, steering away from the trend of in-sensor zoom technology within large 200MP modules. Among the touted benefits is a significant enhancement in image clarity, especially at high zoom levels. Realme’s teaser goes a step further by showcasing a striking comparison in portrait photography, highlighting the periscope’s prowess in achieving superior subject-background separation.

Adding to the anticipation, the Realme 12 Pro has made an appearance on TENAA, further hinting at the inclusion of a periscope lens in its camera setup. Speculations are buzzing that the Pro+ variant, the Realme 12 Pro+, might also feature the groundbreaking periscope technology. However, the intrigue deepens as the presence of a periscope lens does not necessarily rule out the possibility of a 200MP camera making its way into the Pro+ model. Notably, the previous Realme 11 Pro+ featured a 200MP sensor but lacked optical zoom capabilities.

Despite the prevalence of 200MP cameras, even in budget phones, Realme makes a bold claim that a true flagship device necessitates a periscope lens, as evidenced by their new marketing slogan, “No periscope. No flagship.”

In a simultaneous move, Realme’s rival, Redmi, is set to launch its latest Note 13 series in India, boasting 200MP cameras and periscope lenses. The battle for supremacy in smartphone photography is heating up, and Realme’s strategic integration of periscope zoom technology adds an intriguing twist to the narrative.

As the curtain lifts on the Realme 12 Pro+ and its revolutionary camera setup, smartphone enthusiasts are left eagerly awaiting the official launch, poised to witness the evolution of mobile photography with the advent of periscope zoom technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this game-changing smartphone from Realme.



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