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Roku has announced a TV lineup with AI-powered features

Roku, a leading hardware company, is set to elevate the home entertainment experience with its new high-end TVs, scheduled for launch this spring. Alongside the Roku Pro Series TVs, the company introduces the groundbreaking Roku Smart Picture feature, driven by artificial intelligence to automatically enhance picture and audio quality.


Roku Pro Series TV Highlights:

  1. Slim Design and Wall Mount: Distinguishing itself from previous models, the Roku Pro Series TVs boast a sleek, thinner design and come equipped with a wall mount for a modern, space-saving aesthetic.
  2. Advanced Display Technology: The new TVs feature 4K QLED screens and mini-LED for local dimming, promising an immersive viewing experience. Audio upgrades enhance the cinematic sound, providing users with a wide audio spectrum.
  3. Affordable Luxury: Available in three sizes — 55’’, 65’’, and 75’’ — these high-end TVs are priced under $1,500, making premium home entertainment accessible to a broader audience.

Roku Smart Picture: Transforming Viewing Experiences:

  1. AI-Powered Optimization: Roku Smart Picture, launching in the spring of 2024, leverages AI, machine learning, and data from content partners to analyze on-screen content and automatically adjust TV settings for optimal presentation. This feature will be available across all Roku TV models.

Roku’s Robust Performance:

  1. Solid Revenue Growth: Roku’s quarterly earnings report in November showcased a remarkable 20% year-over-year revenue growth, attributed to successful sales of Roku Select and Plus Series TVs, along with strong performance in video advertising and content distribution.
  2. CES Appearance: Roku is scheduled to make a significant presence at the CES technology conference on January 10, hinting at potential innovations and insights into the future of home entertainment technology.

Conclusion: Roku’s latest TV lineup and the introduction of Roku Smart Picture underscore the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of home entertainment. With cutting-edge technology, affordability, and AI-driven features, Roku continues to shape the future of smart TV experiences. Stay tuned for more revelations as Roku takes the stage at CES, promising a glimpse into the next frontier of innovation in the world of home entertainment.



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