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Samsung Dropship app brings cross platform file sharing

Samsung is making it easier to share files between different platforms and devices with a new app called Dropship. It is currently only available in South Korea and can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store.

Dropship allows you to share up to 5GB of files per day by uploading them through the host device and generating a QR code that others can use to scan and receive the file.


The type of files it will allow you to transfer isn’t clear, but the screenshot shows you can send photos and videos, and the app will also track your transfer history.


The app will have very limited availability, at least for now. This is because the file’s sender must be running Android 13 on their phone and have a Samsung account. Android 13 is only available on a few devices worldwide and the Galaxy S22 series is one of them.


The good news is that the recipient doesn’t need an app or even a Samsung account. They must scan the QR code, and the download will start immediately. The biggest advantage of Dropship is that you no longer have to rely on the limited data transfer speed and range of Bluetooth to share files. You won’t need to install any apps either.

Samsung Dropshipping App

Once you scan the code, you won’t have to worry about staying in range of the host phone or download speeds depending on your internet connection.


As mentioned, Dropship is currently only available to Korean users and it is unknown when it will be available worldwide. We will probably have to wait until 2023 for it to arrive in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Even then, it will remain limited to Android 13 Galaxy devices, meaning S22 owners will be the first to get it.



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