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Swvl Announces Partnership with BEC Arabia

Swvl has announced its most delinquent collaboration with BEC Arabia in KSA. Through this partnership, Swvl will deliver simple,  convenient and safe conveyance to the BEC workers.


Swvl is providing tech-enabled services and concentrating on mass transit solutions based in Dubai. It is improving mass transit security, dependability, and comfort in some of the world’s most difficult and complicated emerging markets. 


Swvl is providing ride pooling services and products to B2B and B2G. It provides rides within a city, ride-sharing cars, and corporate services. Swvl is working among 20 nations in 135 cities. The countries include Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.   


BEC has appeared as one of the top performers in the industry of construction. It is a Saudi Arabian-based firm, founded in 2010. BEC has converted into a vibrant provincial organization. 


The services BEC is offering include electromechanical works, presenting turnkey projects incorporating civil structures, landscaping, infrastructure, engineering services, and more.

BEC goes above and beyond in contracting, leading their customers to get support in all the business needs they are expecting from us. 

BEC is enabling every stage of the procedure from feasibility planning and financing support through to construction and commissioning. BEC is always looking for different ways to add value to its work for its clients.  Furthermore, BEC is facilitating every step of the process. It provides assurance of being specification with resources on hand for any extra conditions and finishing projects on time.



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