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The Coca-Cola Foundation and Circle Women Empower Pakistani Women Home Chefs

In a significant stride towards the economic empowerment of women home chefs in Pakistan, The Coca-Cola Foundation has announced a community investment, partnering with Circle Women. This two-year collaboration is poised to catalyze improved livelihoods for women, their families, and their communities. The Foundation’s commitment is evident in a generous $200,000 grant that aims to uplift the economic status of thousands of women by enhancing their culinary skills and facilitating their transition to professional home chefs.

Pakistan boasts a burgeoning community of approximately 2 million women, each harboring the untapped potential to elevate their culinary ventures to commercial food apps, thereby augmenting their income. However, to nurture a more robust home food chef sector, these talented home-based cooks require a bridge to digitally efficient platforms equipped with specialized business training. The unique feature of this program is its aim to empower participating women to think like CEOs, thus ensuring they remain resourceful even during financial challenges.

Saadia Madsbjerg, President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, noted, “We recognize that the most transformative initiatives in women-empowerment programs revolve around connecting women to extensive business networks, enhancing their access to broader digital markets, sustaining a steady customer demand for their services, and diversifying their income streams. All this can transpire while keeping their cost of goods low, operating from the comfort of their homes, and serving a substantial customer base.”

Although this program holds the potential for national expansion, it commences in Punjab, where the market for home chefs is mature and consistently expanding. This investment holds particular significance for Pakistan, where only 13 percent of women have formal financial accounts. Sadaffe Abid, CEO of Circle Women, elucidated, “The Coca-Cola Foundation Home Chef program is designed holistically. It includes digital wallet management skills, access to financial networks, mentorship opportunities, and a specialized curriculum that empowers home chefs to evolve into small and medium businesses.”

In Pakistan, the rich tapestry of foods from various regions conveys a unique yet universal cultural appeal, reflecting the hospitality and generosity inherent in the Pakistani spirit. It is expected that between 6,000 to 7,000 women will graduate from this specialized home chefs’ program, gaining proficiency in diverse modules, including zero waste and sustainable packaging, marketing and growth fundamentals, and digital financial literacy skills. These trained women aspire to multiply their impact by imparting knowledge to their communities, with a mission to reach half a million women across the nation.

The Coca-Cola Foundation’s partnership with Circle Women represents a remarkable effort to empower women and unlock their potential as entrepreneurs, and it resonates with the spirit of inclusivity, self-reliance, and economic growth. For more information on The Coca-Cola Foundation’s initiatives, visit this link.



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