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The Job Platform Turing makes its way to Pakistan

The trend of the remote work model has jumped significantly in the last two years, which was triggered by the pandemic-induced changes in the way we work. Experts believe telecommuting is here to stay, with most professional jobs available remotely by the end of the year. Businesses that have embraced remote shift work are thriving. Tools and platforms are also emerging to facilitate this exchange for employers and employees. One such platform is Turing.

Turing is a data-driven deep jobs platform founded in 2018 by Stanford alumni and serial AI entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. Through Turing, businesses can build teams in the cloud and access pre-vetted developers from a global pool of more than 2 million. In addition, it enables software developers from around the world to collaborate remotely with top-tier enterprises.

A business typically faces three issues when deciding to move to a remote shift:

  1. Finding highly talented developers
  2. Screening and Screening of Remote Applicants
  3. Virtual team management

Turing addresses these issues and streamlines the remote hiring process, benefiting both employers and developers by connecting talent and opportunity, connecting a highly skilled global pool of deeply vetted engineers with the best available job opportunities at America’s leading firms.

Advantages of remote work

Work-life balance:

People often struggle to find the right balance between personal and work life. With a 9-5 job, commute, sleep and other commitments, there is little time and energy left for family time.

By eliminating the need for commuting, remote work opportunities help employees achieve an ideal work-life balance. It also reduces stress and increases employee productivity.


With remote work access, employees can work from anywhere, including a coffee shop, park, beach or another country.

In addition, some businesses provide flexible work schedules, which can be a lifesaver for night owls and people with children.

Benefits for Pakistani software developers

Better job opportunities:

Turing enables Pakistani software developers to collaborate with overseas businesses without leaving their country. So the problem of leaving home, family and friends in search of a brighter tomorrow is no longer present.

Career growth:

With opportunities from over 300 top companies in the US, Pakistani software developers can scale their careers to record heights, opening unparalleled avenues of growth. The developer community at Turing also provides a forum where developers can learn from their peers and build networks.

A better standard of living:

Through Turing, developers can be compensated above the market average. Moreover, by making money in dollars and thanks to the exchange rate, developers from Pakistan can have more financial stability and a better standard of living.

With Turing, developers can build thriving software engineering careers and keep up with the distant world. Pakistani software developers who are ambitious and dedicated should give Turing a try as it can open doors to a rewarding life and career.



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