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WhatsApp Channels Introduces Voice Updates and Polls

In a significant upgrade to its Channels feature, WhatsApp is introducing dynamic functionalities that promise to redefine user interaction. Channel owners now have the power to send voice updates, conduct polls, and appoint additional administrators, enhancing the overall experience for the app’s 2 billion users.

One notable addition is the ability for Channel owners to communicate with their followers through voice updates. This feature holds immense potential for engagement, especially for content creators such as podcasters who can share teasers or insights directly with their audience. With WhatsApp reporting a staggering 7 billion voice messages sent daily within its user base, the introduction of voice updates adds a new dimension to user communication.

Furthermore, channel owners can now incorporate polls into their channels, providing a more interactive way for followers to engage with content. Unlike the previous mode of expression limited to emojis, polls offer a structured method for gathering feedback and opinions within the Channel community.

To extend the reach of Channel updates, WhatsApp is introducing the option to share them to personal WhatsApp Status – a feature akin to the Stories functionality on other platforms like Instagram. This seamless integration allows Channel admins to keep their network informed about the latest updates and happenings within their Channels.

Since the global launch of the Channels feature in September 2023, it has rapidly gained popularity, boasting over 500 million monthly users. In response to the growing demand, WhatsApp has now increased the number of admins per channel from one to an impressive 16. The owner can easily invite others to become admins through the “Invite admins” option on the channel description page.

This move comes in the wake of similar advancements in competing platforms, with Telegram introducing channel discovery and customization features. As the landscape of messaging apps evolves, WhatsApp’s commitment to innovation ensures that Channels remains a dynamic and engaging platform for its ever-expanding user base. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as WhatsApp continues to redefine communication in the digital age.



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