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Whatsapp is going to launch 5 exciting features

WhatsApp is working on a long list of upcoming features. We’ve covered it in the past, but this article summarizes some of the notable features you may have overlooked. This list includes upcoming tools for WhatsApp, large and small, all of which should improve convenience and quality of life. With that said, here are five of his features coming to WhatsApp soon.

1.  Buy food

WhatsApp recently launched grocery shopping in India. As you can imagine, you can select the items you want directly from WhatsApp and order them to your home via the app. You can also make payments using this feature.

Buy Food

It’s currently only available in India, but it could be available in Pakistan in the future as WhatsApp is considering such a feature in other countries. WhatsApp beta has no proof and the company hasn’t confirmed it in other countries, but it’s available in India, especially with some grocery online retailers, so it’s arriving here too.

2. Self chat

Telegram, Slack, and other messaging apps let you message yourself so you can save important texts, links, media, or anything else for quick access. After 84 years, WhatsApp is finally working on a feature for future updates that will allow you to message yourself from both your linked device and your main smartphone. It’s only available in WhatsApp’s beta version, and it’s unclear when it will roll out in the stable version. 

WhatsApp | Broadcast Republic3. Screenshot privacy

The purpose of showing messages only once in WhatsApp is to protect your privacy. But there’s no point in sending these messages when you can easily save them in screenshots and share them with others. That’s why Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that WhatsApp will soon protect View Once messages from screenshots and other forms of sharing.

WhatsApp | Broadcast Republic

However, the start date is not yet in sight.

4. Call timer

We’ve all accidentally called someone on WhatsApp, mainly because the call button is right next to the options button on Android and the minimize/close buttons on WhatsApp Desktop. Calls in the app are instantly connected to the other person, so unlike regular mobile calls, there is no time to respond and hang up on random calls.

WhatsApp | Broadcast Republic

To solve this problem, WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo has created a conceptual feature to prevent such mishaps. As shown in the image above, the call countdown can easily prevent accidental calls by giving you three seconds before the call is made. However, this feature should be optional as it might prove annoying for many.

It’s just a conceptual feature from WABetaInfo, so it’s not an actual tool that WhatsApp is working on at the moment. But concept features have made it to WhatsApp in the past, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it happens again.

5. Improved Search

Searching for specific messages in a chat can be a pain. WhatsApp already gives you a lot of search filtering options, but this feature is about to expand even more. The app will allow you to search messages by date or communities in a future update. This should allow you to go back to messages from months or even years ago.

improved search

This is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, which means it will take some time before it is available to everyone.



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