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Yango Introduces International Ride-Hailing Service to Lahore

The excitement was palpable as Yango, the renowned international ride-hailing service, made its much-anticipated debut in Pakistan with a spectacular launch event held in Lahore. This marked a significant milestone for Yango, which has already established a strong presence across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The exclusive launch event gathered industry professionals, influencers, stakeholders, and eager potential customers, all eager to witness the arrival of Yango in Pakistan. Hosted by the esteemed Sidra Iqbal, the event was not only informative but also infused with a sense of hope and economic prosperity, as Yango’s entry into the Pakistani market opens doors for newer companies and opportunities for growth.

Chief Guest Shaza Fatima Khawaja, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, graced the event, emphasizing the positive impact Yango’s arrival will have on the country. The launch ceremony concluded with a captivating performance by talented singer Natasha Baig, who left the attendees spellbound with her powerful voice.

Faisal Iftekhar, Country Manager of Yango Pakistan, shared his excitement about the service’s launch, highlighting Yango’s commitment to providing secure and cost-effective journeys for passengers and reliable earnings for drivers. With successful testing in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad, Yango has already partnered with over 50 local transportation providers, witnessing remarkable growth in demand within a short span of time.

Yango aims to revolutionize public transportation in Pakistan by offering a hassle-free and dependable option. The Yango app, available in English and Urdu, allows users to book rides conveniently to their desired destinations, be it by cars or motorbikes. What sets Yango apart is its unique feature of making multiple stops during a ride and allowing multiple bookings from the same device, providing unparalleled convenience to users. Leveraging advanced geolocation technology, the app swiftly connects users with the nearest drivers, minimizing waiting time.

As Yango expands its reach in the South Asian region, starting with Pakistan, it seeks to create economic opportunities by working with partners who employ local drivers. By doing so, Yango contributes to direct and indirect employment opportunities, benefiting the local economy.

To experience the convenience and reliability of Yango, download the app from the link below. Join the growing network and discover a contemporary, secure, and cost-effective transportation solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

Download the Yango App: Link

Be a part of the Yango revolution and enjoy hassle-free rides in Pakistan!



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