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ZEAL Future Enablement Program Developed at Ziauddin University

Z2C Private Limited, an investment program that finances and establishes marketing technology start-ups, developed another effort to improve the level as well as the accessibility of talent in Pakistan’s advertising sector. Moreover, to establish fast-track courses, the accelerator has teamed with the advertising firm East Rivers and the press science faculty of Ziauddin University via the Publicis Groupe Delivery (PGD) associated export-first digital agency. Zeal future enablement program developed digital marketing at Ziauddin university. Thus, Zeal aim to increase the carrier opportunities of students.

At Ziauddin University, the first batch of the ZEAL Future Enablement Program will take place four times in 2023. With up to 50 participants in each group learning vital abilities in online marketing planning, networking, Google advertisements, business interaction, branding, and search engine optimization.

Pakistan’s goods economy creates less than $2 billion in net export revenue each year. Whereas, the academic sector produces around 10,000 graduates per year. Across the border in Pakistan, India’s goods, and services manufacturing creates over $100 billion in collected exports per year. Furthermore, the higher education sector creates over 500,000 graduates per year.

The 12-week innovative course of study, built around Brainchild’s industry-leading management trainee program, aims to establish a database of qualified digital assets at the supervisor or program trainee level.

According to Faizan S. Syed, CEO of Eastern River, the opening of a training school has served as a lifelong goal of mine. Since it has the power to alter the course of the country we live in. Furthermore, Zeal developed a digital marketing skill that can service the globe from Pakistan. It attracts vital foreign investment by educating and empowering the Pakistani workforce to serve international markets.

“Executives all over the world require training on platforms and tools that make their jobs easier,” said Saadi Gouse. The executive who can effectively use information will replace the executive who is unwilling to grow and change. The primary disruption brought about by data and AI is the breaking down of barriers between business and technology. In addition, companies must change by integrating both technical and non-technical jobs.

Z2C Limited and the creative economic platform collaborated with NUST in mid-2022 to establish the wale-NUST center of existence. Furthermore, long-term advantageous cooperation was achieved through R&D activities, constant updating of academic course content, and information exchange between students and instructors.

The goal of the WNCE, similar to the ZEAL Future Enablement Program, was to increase the career opportunities of students from NUST and assist them in adopting Web 3.0. So, they could influence the media-advertising environment in the following five years with cutting-edge solutions and technology frameworks.



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