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30 Tonnes of Perfume Daily at Masjid al-Nabawi

In the heart of Medina, the daily upkeep of the Prophet’s Mosque unfolds as a meticulous symphony of care and hygiene. Fawzi Al Hujaili, Deputy Chief of the General Authority for Care of the Two Holy Mosques for Services, sheds light on the intricate procedures that define the maintenance of this sacred space.

A staggering 115 tonnes of sterilizing substances are dedicated to treating the mosque’s rugs, ensuring a pristine environment for the millions of worshippers who converge at the Prophet’s Mosque. However, what sets this daily upkeep apart is the lavish infusion of fragrance – a remarkable 30 tonnes of perfume are deployed each day to envelop the mosque in a fragrant ambiance.

This fragrant journey extends beyond the rugs, encompassing the entire expanse of the mosque, with 110 tonnes dedicated to disinfecting the floors. The magnitude of this effort becomes evident in the deployment of over 600 devices, operated by well-trained personnel, who diligently carry out these daily rituals. The Prophet’s Mosque, standing as the second holiest site in Islam, draws devotees from around the globe who seek solace in prayers and pay homage to the revered tomb of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Beyond the sheer scale of these meticulous measures lies a profound commitment – a commitment to hygiene that goes hand in hand with the sacredness of the space. These efforts not only preserve the mosque’s sanctity but also ensure it remains a pristine and welcoming haven for the devout followers of Islam worldwide. The daily infusion of perfume becomes more than a sensory delight; it symbolizes the dedication to creating an environment that resonates with the spiritual essence of the Prophet’s Mosque, making it a cherished destination for the faithful.



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