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ABHI and BlueEX Join Hands to Launch AbhiCOD

In a dynamic world of e-commerce, businesses constantly face financial challenges, especially in times of rising inflation. To address these pressing needs and foster growth, ABHI, in partnership with Universal Network Systems Limited (UNSL) operating as BlueEX, has unveiled an innovative solution – AbhiCOD, offering short-term Shariah-compliant loans for e-commerce companies and other SMEs in Pakistan.

AbhiCOD marks a significant step towards empowering businesses during challenging times. This partnership leverages the combined expertise of ABHI and BlueEX, creating an unmatched solution that unlocks the true potential of businesses by providing growth financing to seize opportunities amid uncertainties.

Omair Ansari, Group CEO of ABHI, emphasizes the commitment to supporting businesses and says, “AbhiCOD represents our commitment to empowering businesses during challenging times. Our equity with BlueEx has created an unmatched solution, allowing businesses to unlock their true potential by accessing growth financing to capture the opportunities that arise amidst uncertainties.”

The collaboration has garnered support from prominent figures, including Wasim Akram, a pre-IPO shareholder in BlueEx, who recognizes the value of AbhiCOD and its impact on the e-commerce landscape.

Elahi, Director of BlueEx, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “SME Financing in Pakistan can only happen with logistics & Fintech Partnership, as retail trade in Pakistan is primarily cash settled, this partnership with ABHI and AbhiCOD addresses critical financial challenges and fosters an environment of growth and success. We are delighted to support businesses on this transformative journey.”

As e-commerce continues to evolve, AbhiCOD is set to redefine how businesses approach their financial needs. The short-term Shariah-compliant loan solution offers a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of e-commerce businesses, providing them with the financial boost necessary to thrive in a competitive market.

For e-commerce business owners seeking growth opportunities and financial support, AbhiCOD is the answer. By visiting their website and signing up, businesses can unlock a world of possibilities with the support of ABHI and BlueEX.

This collaboration follows ABHI’s acquisition of an equity stake comprising 2,742,000 shares of BlueEX in May 2023. The partnership between ABHI and BlueEX demonstrates their commitment to empowering businesses and fostering a thriving e-commerce ecosystem in Pakistan.

BlueEX, as Pakistan’s only fully integrated standalone e-commerce logistics player, covers the entire value chain of e-commerce transactions, providing seamless first-mile logistics to last-mile delivery services.

With AbhiCOD paving the way for growth and success, e-commerce businesses in Pakistan can confidently embrace the future and navigate financial challenges with ease. The strategic collaboration between ABHI and BlueEX marks a new chapter in the e-commerce industry, one that promises transformative opportunities for businesses of all sizes.



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