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ABHI (YC S21) Onboarded DAO PropTech Real-Estate Company

ABHI, a financial wellness platform, onboarded DAO PropTech. Abhi is financially empowering startups with thousands of intelligent employees, building future-forward solutions.

DAO Proptech is harnessing the power of technology to provide diversified property ownership options to the masses.

The vision of DAO is transforming the real-estate ecosystem in Pakistan by strengthening the pillars of transparency, accessibility and trust while pioneering the journey to property ownership. The first transaction was made on the DAO model in April 2020.

Fintech companies are changing Pakistan’s traditional payment methods and financial system. There has been a boom in fintech startups in the last couple of years, and ABHI (YC S21) Is one of them. It gets more than 100 million$ from different fundraising platforms.

ABHI (YC S21) is working hard to empower businesses and the hardworking workforce. They are with the aim that it ABHI. “Your salary is your right, and we let you access ” More than 300+ companies are financially empowered by them, including big brands like UBL, Bank Alfalah, Chase up, Gul Ahmed, and many others.



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