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Al Jalil Developers’ AdPluto Partnership Revolutionizes Digital Advertising

In a groundbreaking move, Al Jalil Developers, a trailblazer in Pakistan’s real estate sector, has forged a transformative partnership with AdPluto, a cutting-edge self-serve media buying platform. This strategic alliance not only positions Al Jalil Developers as a pioneer but also signifies a significant shift in the dynamics of digital advertising in Pakistan.

Al Jalil Developers’ Impressive Portfolio: With a portfolio boasting prestigious projects like Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, Al-Baari Residencia, and Lahore Entertainment City, Al Jalil Developers has been a driving force in real estate, housing, and infrastructure sectors. This partnership with AdPluto is a testament to their commitment to innovation and adaptability in the evolving market.

AdPluto’s Disruptive Approach: AdPluto, known for its innovative and fully automated system, challenges the monopoly of traditional platforms like Google Ads. Offering nationwide services, it promises advertisers enhanced results, local payment options, and superior domain targeting. Al Jalil Developers is the first real estate company to embrace AdPluto as its primary platform, marking a paradigm shift in the industry.

Voices from Al Jalil Developers: Mr. Abdullah Hashmi, Head of Marketing at Al Jalil Developers, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the transformative nature of the venture. According to him, AdPluto’s platform is an “algorithmic storyteller,” reshaping how Al Jalil Developers engages with its audience in the digital advertising arena.

Benefits of the Partnership: Mr. Haider Ahmed Qazi, Head of Ecommerce at Al Jalil Developers, emphasized the advantages of the partnership, citing improved CPM rates and a superior domain list compared to traditional platforms. The convenience of spending and billing in PKR adds another layer of efficacy to their advertising efforts.

AdPluto’s Commitment: Akram Ali, Vice President – Asia Pacific & Middle East at AdPluto, expressed pleasure in Al Jalil Developers placing trust in AdPluto’s services. The commitment is clear – to make digital advertising more productive and affordable for brands in Pakistan. This partnership stands as evidence of AdPluto’s dedication to transforming the digital advertising landscape.

Conclusion: The Al Jalil Developers and AdPluto partnership is poised to reshape Pakistan’s digital advertising landscape. By providing advertisers with more efficient tools and localized options, this collaboration aligns seamlessly with the dynamic needs of the Pakistani market, setting the stage for a new era in digital advertising.



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