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Apple Is Developing a Unique ChatGPT Style Tool for Siri

Apple has been employing top AI engineers and researchers to assist with Siri’s progress. Similarly, A big enhancement to Siri, the well-known voice assistant from Apple, is soon to come. The tech powerhouse is testing an AI function that will give Siri the ability to produce spoken language. Furthermore, Apple is exploring creative AI ideas that may one day be included in Siri.

In recent years, Apple has launched many AI startups, including Xnor.ai, Voysis, and Vilynx, indicating their commitment to improving Siri’s capabilities. While Siri and ChatGPT are both AI technology, they are developed for quite different reasons. Likewise, ChatGPT is a big learning method that can generate human-like text in response to a given prompt. Whereas Apple’s Siri is a personal assistant that can answer inquiries, do tasks, and converse with people conversationally. Furthermore, Apple appears to be experimenting with new ChatGPT-style Siri functions, inspired by the rise of AI chatbots.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies, in 2023 are shaping up to be a year of rapid growth. Digital powerhouses like Microsoft and Google, two of the biggest players in the market, have made significant investments in the area and already have AI-based technologies available or in advanced stages of development.

Apple recently held an internal event concentrated on creating AI software and large phrase models which are the multi-layer perceptive that enables chatbots like ChatGPT.

Apple has been working on voice assistants; the chatbot field may see initiatives from fresher, smaller challengers such as Anthropic, which recently unveiled its chatbot named Claude. It will also be exciting to see what Microsoft accomplishes with Bard once it’s available in the future this year.



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