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Beyondgreen Solar: Empowering Pakistan with Sustainable Energy

In 2015, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions embarked on a groundbreaking mission in Pakistan, aiming to revolutionize the energy sector with accessible and premium solar solutions. With a focus on affordability and quality, the company swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in delivering clean, renewable energy options, addressing the country’s persistent energy crisis.

Since its inception, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has achieved remarkable milestones, boasting the successful installation of over 1,000 solar systems, generating more than 20MW of green energy across Pakistan. This notable success culminated in the prestigious 15th Consumer Choice Award, recognizing the company as the Best Emerging Solar Provider in the nation.

Presently, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions proudly stands as the leading solar brand in Karachi, illustrating its unwavering commitment to sustainable energy and its exceptional contributions to the renewable energy landscape.

Catering to an esteemed clientele including Haji Adam & Sons, Towellers, Bahria Town, Pepsi Co, Ahmed Foods, Rehmat e Shereen, Alamgir Welfare Trust, Lal QiLa, Bonanza Satrangi, and even the CEO of Unilever, Mr. Amir Paracha, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has garnered widespread acclaim for its commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service.

The company distinguishes itself through several key attributes:

  1. Efficient Installations: Beyondgreen Solar Solutions prides itself on being Pakistan’s fastest solar installers, ensuring swift deployment of sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses.
  2. Robust After-sales Support: Committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive three-year after-sales service package, solidifying its dedication to providing unmatched support.
  3. Premium Solar Products: As official distributors and partners of top-tier solar components, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions guarantees access to the highest-quality products, emphasizing reliability and durability.
  4. Dominance in Karachi: With an impressive legacy spanning nine years and the installation of the highest number of net meters, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has solidified its position as the premier solar brand in Karachi, commanding respect and recognition within Pakistan’s business sphere.

As Beyondgreen Solar Solutions continues to make strides in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector, it remains steadfast in its commitment to providing sustainable and affordable solar solutions that effectively meet the nation’s growing energy demands.



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