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PayMob – A New and Secure Way of Accepting Payments Globally

Paymob is a Cairo-based financial firm that operates using modern technologies. Its fintech organization creates a gateway for easy transactional infrastructure for making the digital economy rise in the country. Paymob offers its fintech services in Pakistan with its head office located in Karachi.

The mission of the firm is to improve financial sector by enabling fast growth of SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). It offers a payment gateway for delivering innovative solutions of payments and provides digital methods to firms of all sizes. The organization works on an Omnichannel network, i.e., integrates multiple methods available into one platform for the ease of customers. The technology empowers merchants to perform and accept online and offline payments. One of the major advantages of technology implementation is the management of finances that help in the growth of the business, all of this is made available in one place.

Paymob allows the global acceptance of payments through any gateway. It provides customers with the most suitable methods for expansion into new markets in just a few clicks. Users can accept all sorts of digital payments using Paymob’s efficient all-in-one payment gateway which can be integrated into all platforms without any difficulties.

There are multiple features a user can subscribe to, one of which is the installment option. This package allows firms to increase their sales and enable convenience by offering customers flexible payment methods. MasterCard, Visa, and PayPak are the main channels of global transactions that are all accepted by PayMob.

It has built-in support for online merchants and e-commerce businesses to provide seamless and secure payments. 

The firm has facilitated some of the big names in the industry such as Swvl, Uber, and Grubhub, with millions of secure financial transactions. PayMob has recently added new modes of transactions. The products suite is delivered efficiently thanks to the professional in-house team of developers. The company has partnered with leading banks and fintech firms currently operating in the Pakistani market for providing easy solutions for their consumers.



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