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HBL and NIFT ePay Join Hands to Boost Digital Payments

HBL joins hands with NIFT ePay for the acceleration of digital transactions in the country. This collaboration aims to provide new ways of managing finances. Through the recent partnership, HBL customers can avail the benefits of online transactions with over 400 NIFT ePay partnered firms and merchants via their existing HBL bank accounts. The program will assist substantially in the promotion of digital transactions in Pakistan and will allow people to make secure digital trades right from their bank accounts. It will also expand the number of pre-paid customers for merchants and create a winning scenario for everyone. 

Similarly, the consumers of NIFT ePay-associated firms will be able to make digital transactions to HBL account holders, making a secure and enabling environment. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly in Pakistan, and HBL continues to thrive for the best services to its customers. It has partnered with emerging Fintech firms that offer secure, quick, and convenient digital payment networks.

The strategic partnership between both firms will boost Pakistan’s payment ecosystem, meeting the growing need for online payments through e-commerce platforms. 

Commenting on the partnership, Kamran Jeffery, Head of Digital Channels and Solutions at HBL, said, “As a technology company with a banking license, we strive to empower our clients through our suite of digital payment solutions.”

“This partnership with NIFT ePay enables clients with yet another option to make payments to merchants directly from their bank accounts. We believe this will fuel growth in online purchases, expanding the digital ecosystem of the country,” he added.

Commenting on the partnership, Haider Wahab, CEO of NIFT, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with HBL for expanding the usage of Digital Financial Services in Pakistan. This collaboration will enable millions of HBL customers to make digital payments to a variety of NIFT ePay merchants.”

“Digital connectivity, convenience, and security have always been at the forefront of NIFT ePay’s vision, and by partnering with HBL, we can reach to masses and facilitate them in making Digital Payments securely. Congratulations to teams of HBL, TPS, and NIFT in ensuring smooth and early integration and enablement of services,” he added.



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