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CAA Implements New Airport Fee for Flight Passengers

In a notable development, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has brought about a significant change in the aviation landscape by introducing a fee for passengers traveling on domestic flights. According to the official notification, individuals embarking on domestic journeys will now face an additional charge of Rs 100, impacting the overall cost incurred by passengers at the time of booking.

The decision to impose this fee is in accordance with the Airport Charges Fee Collection Ordinance, which came into effect on January 15, as announced by the CAA. This legislative framework provides the authority with the basis to collect additional charges from passengers, with airlines mandated to adhere to this directive.

All airlines operating domestic flights are now obligated to integrate this extra charge into their ticket booking processes. This means that individuals making reservations for domestic travel will witness an increase in their total ticket cost, reflecting the newly introduced fee. The fees collected from passengers will be submitted by the airlines to the Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring compliance with the established regulations.

The formal notification released by the CAA serves as an official communication to the public and the aviation industry, highlighting the implementation of this fee collection for domestic flight passengers. This transparent communication aims to inform both airlines and passengers about the change in the cost structure associated with domestic air travel.

This initiative is a regulatory measure designed to support the financial sustainability of the aviation sector. The collected fees are expected to contribute to the maintenance and development of airport infrastructure and services. While this change may impact passengers’ budgets, it reflects a broader strategy to address the financial needs of the aviation industry, ensuring the continued efficiency and safety of domestic air travel.



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