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Careem Reaches 1 Billion Rides Landmark

Careem announces that it has finally reached 1 billion rides using its platform across the Middle East, and Pakistan since its launch in 2012.

Pakistan ranked at the top of the list of those countries with the highest number of rides. There are around 299 million rides, following Egypt (230 million) and Saudi Arabia ( 242 million). 

The Co-founder and CEO of Careem, Mr. Mudassir Sheikha, said that, 

 “Reaching the incredible milestone of 1 billion rides is a result of the hard work of our captains and colleagues, as well as the trust that our customers have placed in us.”

He added, “The opportunity ahead is large and humbling – our region is full of untapped potential, and there is so much more we must do to simplify and improve life for people in the region.”

Careem took their first ride in September 2012 in the UAE. Pakistan wrote the first line of code for them, the user booked the ride manually. Careem claims its captains have already driven over 9 billion kilometers across 80 cities and more in ten years. In 2020, the longest one-way ride covered over 1,113 kilometers from Riyadh to Jazan in Saudi Arabia. 

About 2.5 million drivers have made a total of $4 billion since the company started. Since 2016, the number of paid rides has grown from 31% to 41% in 2022. This platform has now registered over 50 million customers.

Careem and Zindagi app recently teamed up to make a better digital payment system for their captains. Careem also talked about their services, which matches the goals of their great app: “over a dozen services, including ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, micro-mobility, payments, and partner services like home cleaning, car rental, event bookings, and on-demand laundry services.” 

Currently, a US-based mobility company named Uber has announced its exit from five major cities in Pakistan. On the other side, Swvl exits this market entirely. Only three giants will be fighting for mobility and ride-hailing market share.



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