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Syngenta Pakistan Launched “Cropwise Grower” App for Farmers

Syngenta, a leading agricultural company, has  launched the updated version of Cropwise Grower app. It will allow farmers to easily detect and diagnose crop pests and diseases. Farmers can perform this process by just taking a picture of the crop. This is a great initiative to help farmers guide about the recommended products and application technology in just 5 seconds. This app has  almost 93% accuracy against the usual human accuracy of just 72%.

This “Snap, Diagnosis and Solution” feature is powered by an artificial intelligence technology company named Plantix, which gives edge to the cropwise grower app among all other locally-available apps in the crops protection industry.

The Cropwise Grower app will also provide growers with access to agronomic advice, and weather forecasts. It will also recommend choosing the right time of spraying during the day. It shows historic weather trends for the past 6 months. Farmers will also get  insights into the respective region’s crop disease problems for more accurate solutions. Furthermore, by using this app farmers can increase their yields through timely advice. They can also get access to remedies by employing a preventative approach versus the treatment approach for farmers in the region.

Due to the partnership between Syngenta and image recognition specialist, Plantix, over 500,000 farmers will be facilitated. It will also give access to a global database of 50 crops, 500 diseases and  to  AI-enabled digital farming tools.

Zeeshan Hasib Baig – General Manager of Syngenta Pakistan – shared that        “Syngenta Pakistan’s core strength lies in its relationship with the growers. To further strengthen the grower-connect, we want to “delight” our growers by bringing smart solutions closer to farmers that can enable them to be more self-sufficient. We have always believed that technology can be a key enabler in helping farmers grow efficiently and sustainably. 

He added, “The Cropwise Grower app is a revolutionary step in the crop protection industry and we firmly believe that it will help in addressing Pakistan’s food security challenges by building resilient food systems and by supporting our farmers in improving their crop yields.”

Syngenta Pakistan is a subsidiary of Syngenta Participations AG, Basel, Switzerland. They believe in assisting the grower in improving agriculture production through innovative products and farm advisory services. In Pakistan Syngenta is a market leader in seed business and crop protection. Their portfolio includes herbicides, insecticides, bio-stimulants and other crop enhancement products and hybrid seeds as well. They provide complete solutions for all major crops and digital services to millions of Pakistani farmers.



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