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FBISE is Launching AI-Based Marking System

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) in Pakistan has taken a bold step towards the future by introducing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based marking system in its examination process. This pioneering initiative, set to commence this year, marks a historic shift in the landscape of Pakistan’s educational sector.

The FBISE’s decision to incorporate AI in exam evaluations is aimed at enhancing transparency and accuracy, setting new standards for assessment and grading. The initial phase of this transformative journey will begin with selected colleges in Islamabad, where AI will be employed in the final in-house send-up examinations. This pilot project serves as a crucial test to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of AI in educational settings.

The ultimate vision of the FBISE is to fully integrate the AI-powered marking system into its examination process by 2025. This ambitious timeline underscores the board’s commitment to embracing digital solutions in education, aligning itself with global technological advancements and positioning Pakistan at the forefront of innovative educational practices.

The introduction of AI in grading holds the promise of streamlining the assessment process while eliminating human error, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation of student performance. This paradigm shift not only marks a significant milestone for the FBISE but also heralds a new era in educational excellence driven by cutting-edge technology.

As this groundbreaking initiative unfolds, it not only showcases the FBISE’s commitment to embracing technology but also serves as a beacon for other educational boards in Pakistan. The successful implementation of the AI-based marking system could potentially lead to similar advancements nationwide, revolutionizing the traditional methods of academic assessment and paving the way for a tech-driven future in education. The FBISE’s visionary approach sets the stage for a transformative journey that promises to redefine the norms of assessment and grading in Pakistan’s educational landscape.



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