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Haier introduced Digital Inverter+ Refrigerator Series in Pakistan

Haier is a globally renowned electronic and home appliance manufacturing company. Founded in 1984, the multinational firm aims to provide better life solutions with its products. The company has been on the list of the top 100 most valuable brands and has topped major appliance rankings by Euromonitor for 12 consecutive years.


After the official launch of the mentioned technology, it became a hot topic within the electronic manufacturing industry. Haier claimed that modern technology will keep fruits and vegetables fresh for more than 48 hours (about 2 days), providing two times more freshness than other refrigerators. Here are some of the prominent features of recent technology.

Digital Control System 

DCS (Digital Control System) is a handy feature to control the temperature of your appliance. DCS allows easy control of the built-in technologies such as HCS (Humidity Control System), that keep the food fresh for longer periods.

Low Electricity Consumption 

Haier claims that the new appliances manufactured with Digital Inverter+ technology consume less energy than others. It only takes up one unit in 24 hours because of Haier’s 2nd Generation inverter technology.

Multiple Temperature Sensors 

The new DCS-enabled refrigerators come equipped with four different temperature sensors. The first sensor is installed at the top hinge, the second at the freezer portion, the third in the refrigerator compartment, and the last is attached to the compressor. All these sensors assist in maintaining temperature precisely.


T-ABT Sterilization 

T-ABT Sterilization is also one of the major highlights in the new refrigerator lineup. Haier’s real freshness expert helps in maintaining hygiene with new sterilization technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.

Variable Voltage Performance 

Many households experience voltage variations in their electricity supply. The Haier Digital Inverter+ Series Refrigerators operate on a wide range of voltages from 105V to 260V.


The Haier Digital Inverter+ technology is an innovative addition to refrigerators that helps maintain electricity costs while keeping food fresh for several days.



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