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HBL @ Work – A One-Stop Banking Solution for Organizations

HBL (Habib Bank Limited) is one of the largest banking firms in the country and has expanded its network with over 1700 branches across different regions. Founded in 1947, the Financial firm has maintained its ranking as the largest private bank in Pakistan. The firm has a global presence in more than 25 countries and offers its services in principal international markets, including the UK, UAE, Africa & East Asia, and South and Central Asia. Recently, Habib Bank Limited has introduced “HBL@Work” to provide multiple benefits to organizations in managing their financial operations.


The new initiative from HBL provides multiple benefits to employers and employees in a company. Some of the banking benefits include:

Fully Automated Payroll 

HBL@Work allows organizations to efficiently manage their employees’ wages with a fully automated payroll service. It will enable efficient deployment of payroll management such as tax filings, salary, and recordkeeping. Automated tools optimize the efficiency of processes, reducing repetition while improving productivity.

Free Banking Services 

HBL@Work also provides multiple free banking services to firms, such as opening bulk accounts without going to the bank and saleable financial offerings for businesses as they grow in the market.

Discounts and Benefits 

Habib Bank Limited also offers multiple discounts on different account types. Employees can enjoy several offers at other outlets and restaurants with HBL debit and credit cards. The bank also provides dedicated customer service to help the users.

Life, Disability, and Theft Insurance 

HBL also offers insurance services to its customers. The bank covers multiple areas in providing convenient insurance services. HBL includes life, disability, and theft insurance at extremely low charges.

Consumer Banking Products 

HBL consumer banking products enable customers to get the most deals and discounts on various categories, such as food, shopping, and hotel reservations.


HBL, the largest domestic banking network in the country, aims to ease customers’ lives. It is a major player in Pakistan’s financial sector and has performed well since its inception. The bank is envisioned to uplift SMEs across various sectors for a successful tomorrow.



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