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Healthx enters the Pakistani market

Healthx, a multinational healthcare management company, entered the Pakistani market with the aim of redesigning the healthcare delivery system in the South Asian country.

Headquartered in Dubai and managed by TruDoc International, Healthx is part of a global group with operations in over 10 countries and an ecosystem of over 24 million customers across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

It is a membership-based, data-driven and data-driven hybrid primary care delivery model where digital and physical touchpoints (home, office, hospital and on-the-go) are strategically dispersed throughout the patient’s life. Its core performance cycle is to keep patients healthy and reduce costs for patients and payers by practicing world-class, evidence-based medicine year-round instead of ad hoc and reactive care.

Khaqan Sikandar, CEO of the company, said at a press conference in Karachi.

“We combine next-generation technology with personalized home healthcare services to employ qualified, full-time, licensed and experienced medical professionals, physicians, psychologists and health (nutrition/fitness) professionals 24/7 access. This unique model provides a one-stop solution for people with healthy, acute or chronic illnesses through a variety of entry points all connected to a 24/7 call center. We are the leading provider of 24-hour care level management delivery systems around the developing world. With extensive experience in many countries including, but not limited to, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc., we have a proven track record and reliability in delivering quality services at scale”

Mr. Khaqan also said: “Pakistan is a country with great potential. Our decision to enter this difficult economic time for the country and its citizens is wise and the people of this country. It is based on our commitment to improve life. By increasing the cost of living. Our model lowers private and public health care costs and relieves congestion in an already overburdened healthcare system, uniquely positioned to conserve valuable resources for patients, employers and governments.”

“Additionally, the data-driven, proactive aspect of the model helps prevent disease in the first place, so you can prepare for the next pandemic or epidemic. We offer tried and tested solutions.” “Ultimately, our goal is to redesign healthcare delivery in Pakistan. And as we have already done it in many countries around the world, we are confident that we can do it.” Healthx CEO added:

This is exactly the opportunity for TruDoc and why we focused on the 20% of the population that consumes 82% of healthcare costs, said Rauf Khalil, CEO and founder of TruDoc.

Another speaker described Healthx’s operational systems and added: “Healthx services combine mobile phone and Internet connectivity, along with personal and personalized care to reduce congestion in healthcare facilities, lower patient costs, and provide educational healthcare that helps users to prevent disease. 



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