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Levi’s® relaunches its Buy Better, Wear Longer Campaign

Levi’s® has just launched the next iteration of its “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign, building on the brand’s long-standing commitment to making fashion more sustainable and extending the life of its products. Levi’s® aims to help consumers love jeans for decades, not seasons.


To support this effort, Levi’s® has created a cinematic short film from the perspective of the Levi’s couple, which tells a multi-generational story: the film takes us through the life of Levi’s most iconic design, the 501. Transformed over the decades with each owner, adapting the style of the times makes the 501 as relevant and wearable today as it was in the 1960s.

“The campaign speaks to Levi’s® legacy, durability and appeal to a broad global audience. A pair of Levi’s® ages beautifully, capturing generation after generation, with a few tweaks and changes. Timeless and versatile, yet fashionable – no matter the decade. This message is more relevant today than ever before as we all consider how we can contribute to a more sustainable future” – Karen Riley-Grant, Global Chief Marketing Officer


The Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign is both a plea and a promise. It’s a plea for consumers to be more purposeful in their purchasing decisions and look for ways to re-wear, repurpose and keep their clothes as long as possible before passing them on to future generations. And it is the brand’s commitment to continue the work on many fronts to be responsible stewards of the natural resources we use, to innovate across our design and manufacturing platforms to become more sustainable, and to move towards more circular products and practices across the board. 

Climate, consumption and community are at the heart of our approach to sustainability and Levi’s® pursues various initiatives to support this vision: Investing in materials such as cotton hemp and organic cotton that reduce water consumption and pioneering Water<Less ® production in denim. Above all, Levi’s® has made its learnings and tools available to affect broader change. Today, Levi’s continues to work with partners and leaders like Fashion for Good and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to help move the industry toward a more circular model, and Levi’s® research and development lab, WellThread®, is constantly looking for radical new ways to make clothing that can reduce its ecological footprint.

“Reconfiguring supply chains takes time, but we have found partners who are interested in their footprint and like to experiment as much as we do. This collaboration has allowed us to introduce greater circularity in the way we make our products.” – Paul Dillinger, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation

The short film Buy Better, Wear Longer is available to watch and has been launched globally on digital and social platforms.

To build on their message, Levi’s® will also highlight the stories of its partners and changemakers XiyeBastida, MelatiWijsen and Emma Chamberlain, who have been integral to the campaign since its launch last year and represent the next generation of sustainability voices.



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