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Locofy Launches its One-Click Design-to-Code Tool

In the fast-paced world of front-end development, Singapore-based Locofy is reshaping the landscape with its revolutionary tool, Lightning. Focused on simplifying the transition from Figma and AdobeXD prototypes to functional code, Lightning promises to save developers valuable time and streamline the development process.

Built on Locofy’s Large Design Models (LDMs), Lightning operates as a Figma plug-in, automating nearly 80% of front-end development tasks. This is a game-changer for lean startups, allowing developers to redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives and market execution.

Locofy’s founders, Honey Mittal and Sohaib Muhammed, draw parallels between Lightning and OpenAI’s LLMs, emphasizing the need for a tool that addresses developer shortages and prevents burnout. With coding automation, Lightning empowers developers at startups and customer-focused enterprises with small teams to accelerate their front-end development.

The tool is set to debut for Figma, focusing initially on websites and web apps. Later this year, Lightning plans to extend its support to more design tools, including AdobeXD, Penpot, Sketch, Wix, and potentially Canva and Notion.

Locofy invested over $1 million in developing Lightning, leveraging in-house expertise and training its tools on a massive dataset featuring millions of designs. The journey began with Locofy Classic in 2021, and the insights gained from that experience laid the foundation for Lightning’s development.

Locofy Lightning’s unique approach involves multiple steps, such as tagging, layer grouping, responsiveness, components, and class names. Each step employs a combination of AI-based techniques, fine-tuned with heuristics, to simplify the process into a one-click solution.

Once the front-end code is generated, users have the flexibility to review it, explore an interactive preview, and make any necessary adjustments before export.

Founded in 2021, Locofy has secured $7.5 million in funding from investors like Accel and Northstar Ventures. While the tool has been in free beta for two years, Locofy plans to introduce a monetization strategy in 2024. The pricing model is expected to reflect factors like the number of screens or components converted to code and maintained regularly with AI.

In the future, Locofy envisions expanding beyond design-to-code, incorporating tools for building design systems, utilizing public UI libraries, and seamlessly integrating back ends with the front ends. Plans also include the introduction of an AI assistant for designers and hosting and deployment options for complete applications. As the coding automation landscape evolves, Locofy’s Lightning emerges as a trailblazer, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation in front-end development.



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