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Netsol Signs a Contract With NICAT

Netsol Technologies has been serving the tech industry since 1995. The company is a global leader and provides different IT solutions to businesses. It empowers the asset financing and leasing sector, taking innovation to new heights. Netsol has a workforce of over 2300 people that deliver the best possible solutions powered by technology. Recently the firm has entered a contract with NICAT (National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies). The deal is finalized with a value of PKR 968 million. 

NICAT (National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies) is an aerospace technologies entrepreneurship development company. NICAT is located at the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park in Rawalpindi. The firm is funded by Ignite and envisioned to accelerate growth of the aerospace industry. NICAT is an acting association of the National Incubation Centre Lahore, where ideas are converted into successful businesses by proper training and incubation. NIC has had a great impact on the business sector of the country and has created more than 16,000 jobs to date. With PKR 2.77 Billion in revenue, NIC is performing a lead role in transforming of the entrepreneurial sector. 

As per the new agreement signed between both organizations, Netsol will work with Ignite and ACPPL (Aviation City Pakistan Private Limited) to support startups as they scale their operations in the country. ACPPL is a partner in the ignite-funded project that aims to create and manage a startup incubator in Pakistan which focuses on aerospace and high-tech firms. NSPIRE is a Netsol-backed incubation center that offers cutting-edge solutions to business owners to kickstart their ventures in the country. 

Netsol Technologies is backed by 40 years of expertise in serving the tech industry worldwide. The company is located in multiple regions to provide state-of-the-art tech-enabled products. The MoITT will supervise following the contract to develop a fully-fledged incubation center. 



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