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Oraan and State Life Join Forces to Empower Women with Sinf-e-Ahaan Cancer Protection Plan

In a groundbreaking move aimed at enhancing financial inclusion and providing vital security to women, Oraan, a pioneering fintech startup, has announced a strategic partnership with the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan (SLIC), the nation’s foremost life and health insurance provider. This collaboration brings forth a trailblazing cancer protection plan, Sinf-e-Ahaan, meticulously designed to cater exclusively to women, offering crucial financial security in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

The statistics regarding cancer in Pakistan are sobering. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90,000 Pakistani women receive a cancer diagnosis each year. Alarmingly, over fifty percent (50%) of women diagnosed with cancer succumb to the disease, primarily due to a lack of awareness and financial resources to access proper treatment.

The pressing need for accessible and effective healthcare solutions has never been more evident. While medical advancements have significantly improved cancer prevention and treatment, the financial burden associated with medical care, particularly in developing countries like Pakistan, remains a formidable challenge exacerbated by global inflation.

Enter the Sinf-e-Ahaan Cancer Protection Plan (SACP), a visionary initiative that directly addresses this issue. SACP offers cashless health insurance services tailored to women’s unique health needs, all for a remarkably affordable premium starting at just Rs. 200. This premium provides coverage of up to Rs. 200,000, ensuring that women have access to vital financial support during their battle against cancer. Moreover, with a network of over 1200 empanelled hospitals spanning across Pakistan, SLIC’s 3-tier gatekeeper facilities, and a state-of-the-art health data management system, timely medical intervention during critical times is guaranteed.

Halima Iqbal, CEO at Oraan, expressed her enthusiasm about this significant partnership, stating, “At Oraan, we are committed to promoting financial empowerment and security, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission. By offering women accessible protection against the financial setbacks caused by health concerns, we are striving to make a meaningful impact in their lives.”

Shoaib Javed Hussain, CEO of SLIC, underscored the importance of this partnership, stating, “We are committed to providing the women of Pakistan with the best possible health protection, and the SACP is one step closer in that direction. In Pakistan, women’s cancer rates are among the worst in South Asia. The purpose of Sinf-e-Ahaan is to empower the women of Pakistan, ensuring financial enablement and health protection. Our partnership with Oraan will help women diagnosed with cancer access the treatment they need without worrying about the financial burden.”

This partnership marks a convergence of Oraan’s dedication to fostering financial inclusion and SLIC’s legacy of safeguarding lives. Together, they aspire to empower women across the nation with a shield of financial security against the formidable challenges posed by cancer. This alliance serves as a testament to the transformative impact that strategic collaborations can have on society, especially when it comes to promoting women’s health and financial well-being.



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