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PEMRA suspended ARY and Bol news transmission

The Ary News and Bol News transmissions failed to implement an appropriate “time delay mechanism” as per reported instructions, and the Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), an “independent television and radio regulatory body,” said on Thursday that the Ary News and Bol News transmissions were Suspended for 3 days.


On September 5, PEMRA issued an order warning all television channels of taking strict legal action if they broadcast content criticizing state institutions, and asked them to open the time-delay mechanism to avoid punishment in this regard.


Bol News Tv says it has been suspended from broadcasting nationwide as it airs a speech by his PTI chairman Imran Khan. Coalition punishes Bol News TV for flying the flag of truth. PEMRA, on the other hand, has taken the autocratic step of banning Bol news.


Politicians, religious leaders, civil society and individuals from all walks of life have strongly condemned the PMLN-led government and PEMRA’s decision. “It observed that satellite TV channels while giving coverage to a public gathering and speeches made thereof telecast either unwarranted or objectionable views without any editorial control and utilizing effective time delay mechanism which could expunge undesirable views or statements which malign or denigrate the state institutions”


The watchdog warns that those who violate the order will face legal sanctions under Sections 27, 29, 30 and 33 of the PEMRA Order 2002. In its September 5 statement, the Observatory also referred to the Islamabad High Court’s guidance to PEMRA, ensuring the effective application of prescribed procedures on the time-delay mechanism.


PEMRA has taken action and has decided to suspend broadcasts of Bol News and Bol Entertainment as they have not received security clearance from the Home Office.



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