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PTCL Launches OTT platform- Streaming High-Quality Videos in Pakistan

SHOQ hosts rich storage of specified content available to all, in-pipe with PTCL’s invention of authorizing digital modification for all. At a specific event in Karachi, SHOQ was launched. 

The event was attended by CEO evision, Olivier Bramly; Group CEO and President, PTCL & Ufone; Hatem Bamatraf, CEO and Co-founder; STARZPLAY, showbiz stars, CEO, e& life, Khalifa Al Shamsi, Maaz Sheikh, industry executives, senior PTCL & Ufone officials, prominent personalities and media representatives, and from different backgrounds.

Through this collaboration, the data users and PTCL will be provided with easy access to entertainment content, media, Hollywood famous blockbuster seasons, and movies. 

Furthermore, SHOQ will be featuring Pakistani movies, with the 100 most watched international and local live TV channels.t will be operating as entertainment with the originals.

Hatem Bamatraf, President and Group CEO, of PTCL & Ufone, said, “We are delighted to introduce Pakistan’s largest OTT platform to provide premium entertainment and news content to all data users. With the increasing penetration of the internet, Pakistan needed a high-quality local OTT service, offering affordable entertainment that is tailored to local tastes and preferences. SHOQ has what it takes to be the country’s ultimate entertainment solution.”

Speaking at the panel, Khalifa Al Shamsi e& life CEO said.“We are pleased to support the development of Pakistan’s largest OTT platform, powered by PTCL. We are confident that this new service will add great value to the people of Pakistan. e& will continue to support the PTCL Group, especially in its new chapter of creating a digital future that empowers every person in society to create innovative digital services and tap into new customer segments, building success upon success.”

Olivier Bramly, CEO of evision, said, “We are delighted to be part of the new chapter in Pakistan’s entertainment revolution. Evision is the largest media and content aggregator in the MENA region, where we have always been an integral part of our customers’ lives. We look forward to working with PTCL, especially in a market as large as Pakistan, where there is an explosion in mass content creation and streaming services, bringing unlimited opportunities to everyone.”

Maaz Sheikh, STARZPLAY CEO, and Co-founder, during the launch event, said, “We are grateful to PTCL for giving us the opportunity to strengthen our presence and impact in Pakistan. STARZPLAY is a leading subscription video-on-demand service that streams thousands of hit movies, TV shows, and other Pakistani and international content. Through PTCL SHOQ, our service will be accessible to all Pakistanis looking to indulge in streaming quality media or entertainment.”

For all Pakistani data users, SHOQ is available at a reasonable price offering daily, weekly, and monthly with two forms that are Lite & Premium. SHOQ is offering packages at a low price of Rs. 8 per day. To subscribe to the services data users can visit www.shoq.com.pk. Data users can also download the app from Apple Store and Google Play,  to experience smooth and best-quality streaming. 



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