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Punjab Allow Students to Ride Electric Bikes at Discounted Rates

Punjab’s caretaker Transport Minister, Ibrahim Hassan, has set the wheels in motion for a green revolution. Building on the success of electric rickshaws, the government is now gearing up to introduce electric bikes as a part of its commitment to eco-friendly transportation and combating environmental challenges, particularly the issue of smog in the region.

Minister Hassan’s ambitious plan involves distributing a substantial number of electric bikes at discounted prices, targeting the younger demographic, especially students. The initiative, slated to provide around 200,000 electric bikes, not only encourages environmentally conscious habits among students but also addresses the crucial factor of affordability, making electric bikes accessible to a wider population.

A key component of this green initiative is the establishment of a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure across the province. Recognizing the interconnected nature of electric vehicle success, the government aims to ensure that charging stations are readily available, creating a supportive ecosystem for the adoption of electric bikes.

The collaboration with the Bank of Punjab adds financial viability to the initiative. A student-centric financing scheme, with a minimal interest rate of six percent, enables students to acquire electric motorcycles through easy installments over a two-year period. This not only breaks down financial barriers but also makes the transition to electric vehicles financially feasible for the student population.

Punjab’s comprehensive strategy, encompassing distribution, infrastructure development, and financial support, reflects a holistic approach to combat smog, promote sustainable transportation, and make electric vehicles an accessible reality for students. This multi-faceted initiative showcases the government’s dedication to addressing environmental concerns and propelling the region towards a cleaner and greener transportation landscape. As the wheels of change are set in motion, Punjab’s youth are poised to lead the charge towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.



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