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Punjab Announces Annual Driving License Fee Every Year in Punjab

In a significant policy shift, the caretaker government of Punjab has announced a comprehensive revision of driving license fees for the upcoming year. The noteworthy change includes a substantial increase in fees and a transition from a five-year payment cycle to an annual one.

Starting January 1, 2024, learners seeking a driving license will experience a Rs. 440 surge in fees, rising from the previous Rs. 60 per five years to a new structure of Rs. 500 per year, according to traffic police officials.

Motorcycle and motorcycle rickshaw operators are not exempt from these changes either. Their license fees, which were formerly Rs. 550 every five years, will now stand at Rs. 500 per year.

For motorcar-jeep drivers, the landscape has also evolved. The previous five-year license fee of Rs. 950 has been replaced by an annual fee of Rs. 1,800.

In a significant adjustment for heavy transport, the fee has catapulted from Rs. 400 every five years to a substantial Rs. 2,000 per year. However, in a commendable move, the Rs. 20 five-year license fee for disabled individuals has been abolished.

Public service vehicle operators will now need to budget for a significant increase as well. The five-year fee has been adjusted from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1,500 per year. Meanwhile, for categories beyond those specified, the driving license fee has seen a substantial hike from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,000 per year.

It’s worth noting that these revisions mark the first adjustment in license fees in Punjab after two decades. This policy overhaul raises questions about the economic implications for drivers and the government’s rationale behind this substantial shift. As the region adapts to these changes, it remains to be seen how these new fees will impact the driving landscape and whether similar adjustments will follow in other regions.



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