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Punjab Number Plate Auctions Kick Off in January 2024

In a much-anticipated move, the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department has recently unveiled the eagerly awaited e-auction schedule for January 2024. This announcement has set the stage for individuals across the region to vie for distinctive and coveted number plates for both cars and motorcycles.

The opportunity extends to participants who aspire to secure universal numbers of their choice. The registration process for the initial series commenced on January 1, with enthusiasts having the chance to register their preferences until January 11. For the subsequent two series, registration windows are set to open on January 11 and January 21, providing ample time for interested parties to get their bids in.

Marking these dates on their calendars is crucial for those aiming to participate in the bidding process. The series will be up for grabs on January 11, 21, and February 1, respectively. This three-phase approach ensures a fair and streamlined process for individuals seeking unique and personalized number plates.

For commercial vehicle owners and operators, the window for registration opened on January 1 and will remain accessible until January 20. The subsequent bidding phase for these vehicles is scheduled to unfold from January 21 to January 22, offering a brief yet pivotal period for those looking to secure distinguished number plates for their commercial fleets.

In a bid to modernize and simplify the registration process, Chairman Faisal Yousaf of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has emphasized the importance of the online portal and the dedicated e-Auction mobile app. Citizens can conveniently register themselves for the auction through these digital platforms, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience for all participants.

As the buzz around the upcoming number plate auctions grows, it’s evident that Punjab’s Excise & Taxation Department is keen on providing an inclusive and efficient platform for individuals to acquire unique and personalized registration numbers. Whether it’s for personal vehicles or commercial fleets, the January 2024 auctions promise to be a noteworthy event for those seeking to add a touch of exclusivity to their vehicles. So, mark your calendars, register online, and get ready to bid for the license plate that reflects your individuality on the roads of Punjab.



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