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The New Look of Facebook’s Logo in 2023

Facebook, the global social media giant with a staggering 2 billion daily users, has quietly made some intriguing updates to its iconic logo and reaction emojis. While these changes might not jump out at you immediately, they’re designed to enhance the user experience.

The familiar Facebook logo now sports a slightly darker shade of blue, and the letter ‘f’ has subtly shifted. These adjustments, though minor, reflect the platform’s commitment to refining its image without undergoing a major overhaul.

Not stopping at the logo, Facebook has also given its wordmark (the written name “Facebook”) a facelift. It adopts the Facebook Sans typeface and features a more distinct blue and white color scheme.

Inside the platform, even the reaction emojis have undergone subtle tweaks to offer a fresh look. Currently, these changes are visible on the desktop version of Facebook, with plans to gradually introduce them to the app. Moreover, Facebook has teased more substantial updates for its app in the near future, ensuring these changes evolve over time for users.



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