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TikTok to set up its office in Pakistan

Reports state that Pakistani’s most popular video-sharing platform TikTok will be opening its liaison office in Pakistan soon as stated by IT and Telecom Minister Syed Aminul Haque. TikTok has gained popularity recently and people of all ages used it. The initiative to open offices in Pakistan is a very positive step.

In the past, TikTok has experienced a number of bans in Pakistan because of controversial and unethical content being shared on this app. However, those bans were lifted after some time. The initiative of opening TikTok offices in Pakistan will help the government to reach the TikTok management and it will also have a good impact on the public.

The IT minister said Amin Ul Haque said:

“TikTok will soon set up its office in Pakistan, companies remain reluctant due to lack of trust and inconsistent policies. The ministry will provide complete support to the foreign companies.”

Haque said that the government wanted all the social media companies to establish their offices in the country. It will support and regulate the system in a better way. Influencers and Tiktokers are excited about this development step. Because thousands of content creators earn a notable amount of money using TikTok. Despite its towering fame in the world, this platform also experienced several issues. It has been banned nearly four times because of unethical content.

A few days before, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered Google as a company in Pakistan. It becomes the first tech conglomerate to take this step. This action is also paving way for other multinational companies to open offices in Pakistan. 

There is no doubt that these small steps will inspire our relations and economic cooperation. These initiatives will also encourage foreign investment in the country and also foster trust among other companies.



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