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UBL Funds Partners with RIZQ to promote Financial Wellness in Pakistan

UBL Funds and RIZQ have formed a partnership to promote financial wellness in Pakistan. The goal is to assist salaried professionals and freelancers in saving effectively amidst increasing inflation.

RIZQ, a financial wellness app, provides a variety of products and services. It aids salaried professionals and freelancers in enhancing their financial planning and security. These features include goal-based savings, committees, smart payments, health insurance plans, and loans, among others.

RIZQ provides a ‘financial passport’ to its users by offering access to financial services from licensed financial institutions.

The Savings Wallet is powered by UBL Funds and will expand the penetration of mutual funds in the retail sector. Users can earn daily profits on their savings and withdraw their funds at any time.

S.H. Kazi, CEO of RIZQ and, stated that career wellness and financial wellness are interconnected. The company is committed to innovation and meeting the changing needs of the market.

UBL Fund Managers Limited is a leading asset management, pension funds management, and investment advisory company. It has assets under management exceeding Rs.150 billion in both conventional and Shariah-compliant funds/plans, excluding Advisory mandates.

Al-Ameen Funds is the range of Shariah-compliant funds supervised by the Shariah Advisory Council. It includes Mufti Mohammed Najeeb Khan and Mufti Mohammad Hassaan Kaleem.

In 2010, UBL Funds was the first asset management company in Pakistan to achieve compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards of the CFA Institute. In the following year, it launched UBL Fund Managers in the Middle East.

After that, in 2017, VIS assigned it an ‘AM1’ rating, and it has maintained this rating since then. The mission of UBL Funds is to provide superior returns, excellent customer service, and need-based products.



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